Wednesday, May 20, 2009

University of Pelion Online

The Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius

Every planetary meet-up has many layers of meaning. Here’s the one that speaks to me:

I believe this transit simply hollers healing, merging in a positive way, and big blessings. In the sign of Aquarius, networking and community are the context. We have finally discovered that we’re all in this world together and how to make the most of it. I call the triple conjunction an Aquarian Sandwich—Neptune and Jupiter are the bread, Chiron is the filling. As you’ll soon see, even though it’s not highly stacked, except in our favor, it’s a hero sandwich.

The trio reflects the way we are relating online through short films and music (Neptune/You Tube, Blip) and self-publishing (Jupiter/blogs and micro-blogging on Twitter, Facebook, and similar social networking sites). With Chiron in the middle, I feel the great mythical healer has gone high-tech and established a cyber Mt. Pelion. The time is right; the social networking trend is peaking. Chiron put his arm around the shoulders of Neptune and Jupiter, like old friends. He drew them in as team teachers at his Hero School. Famous graduates: Jason, Hercules, Asclepius—you and me.

My own social networking experiences overflow with inspirational quotes and links to articles on how to make my body, mind, and soul a better place to live. Then there are the amazing friendships, creating communities of mind and spirit. Helping each other—day in, day out.

Chiron’s key to wholeness is at our fingertips. He has brought Mt. Pelion to us!
Chiron rules hands-on healing. We are literally laughing, learning, and loving online through the medium of our hands. Who ever knew learning—and oneness—could be such a blast and so rewarding? The personal creativity I see people expressing surpasses my wildest expectations. So does the ability to reach anyone, anywhere.

This Hero Sandwich is being served at the graduation party of the human race. While some aspects of our collective life look like they’re falling apart, mostly in the area of finances, we are merrily saving our own day by this newly possible interconnection. I watched an old friend who lost her job after nearly 30 years nail a new one in no time flat thanks to online “word of mouth.”

We’ve become our own—and each other’s—heroes. What a reason to celebrate!



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