Monday, May 18, 2009

If Your Transit's a Lemon, Make Prize-Winning Lemonade

This post actually has nothing to do with sour transits, but I hope that title got your attention. The real reason for the lemonade stand? The Radical Virgo has received a Lemonade Award! The Lemonade Award is for sites which show great attitude and/or gratitude, and this blog has received one! Thank you, Donna Cunningham of Skywriter blog for giving me this honor on May 12, 2009:

The Radical Virgo - Witty, wise views of astrology
and life

I am especially honored for Donna’s nod and willingness to clink lemonade glasses with me. (I have nominated her back.) Donna has been one of my most valued mentors, friends, and inspirations in both astrology and flower essences since 1980.

Here are the “rules” for this award found online. You can be certain that I’ll follow them — but only if I feel like it and if it makes sense! Rules for the award:

~ Put the logo on your blog or post. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

~Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

~Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

~Nominate your favorites and link to this post.

Now that you’ve been lemonaded, you can play it forward and acknowledge others, if you're thirsty for a little reciprocal blog love. Here are my own 10 astrology blog nominees for this prestigious award in no particular order of affection. There are many stars in the sky, each brilliant and beautiful in its own right. That goes for this constellation of astrology blogs, too:

1. Skywriter – Practical advice and rich information that’s easy and fun to read from Donna Cunningham, one of astrology’s most prolific writers and long-time contributors to the field. For writing as big as the sky in its value and for sharing so freely the gold you’ve mined from a stellar career.

2. Astrotabletalk - British astrologer Dharmaruci would get my vote just for finding a couple of really interesting characters who share my Sept. 22 birthday, namely JRR Tolkien’s fictional hobbits, Frodo and Bilbo. For a fresh take on the Chiron myth and its meaning.

3. The Lion and the Lightning Bolt - Another find from the UK, Susannah offers astrological musings, observations, and her breathtaking, original artwork. For providing a virtual feast of mind and spirit with profound insights from the trenches of personal transits.

4. Sabian Symbols – Astrology’s own “tarot,” these channeled images for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac offer additional depth to any planet’s interpretation. Lynda Hill is one of the world’s experts on the Sabians. For being accessible, communicative, and providing the most newsworthy Sabians of the hour. Don't miss Linda's Sabian Symbols web site that her blog complements, complete with “Ask the Sabian Oracle.”

5. Starcatastrology - Claudia Dikinis works a double entendre on her blog, watching the stars’ stars, such as Chelsea Clinton, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, and—watch me swoon— Hugh Laurie. She also sometimes just watches the ones in the sky and her cats on the ground. For combining one of the most inquisitive, info-finding minds I know with beauty and love on your blog.

6. Medical Astrology - Eileen Naumann has studied medical astrology for over 35 years and casts a whole new starlight on understanding personal health and wellness issues. For demystifying physiology through astrology by easy-to-follow series like “The Sun and Our Health.”

7. The History of Astrology - This lush blog keeps drawing me back for its astrosophy or finding the wisdom in the stars. Astrosophy reflects a modern, more spiritual perception of astrology and astronomy. Author Karima Lachtane has an eclectic background, but her synthesis of various disciplines is utterly unique. For finding the sacred story and merging multiple disciplines to place astrology in its most meaningful context. Her photos and blog masthead are a visual feast.

8. Celestial Space Astrology – Dipali Desai offers evolutionary, insightful, and fun posts. For compassion, humor wisdom—and concise posts that spark interest with their catchy titles.

9. The Astrology Blog - Elsa Panizzon (Elsa Elsa) loves solving problems and giving astro-advice. She has been blogging for eight years. For your chatty warm style that exudes personality and a blog that goes where the spirit moves you.

Big Sky Astrology - April Elliot Kent believes that through describing her own life with astrology, she comes to a better understanding of both. For a blog that’s like a chat with a friend over coffee.

Astrology is a topic that’s especially conducive to blogging. The sky is ever changing, and blogs are the dynamic form of web sites. These are but a few of the astrologers who have recognized the potential of starblogs.

Since we Virgos are known for our discrimination and talent as excellent critics, whether of movies, books or blogs, I hope you’ll especially appreciate that this high honor comes from The Radical Virgo. (It’s a good thing The RV doesn’t have to say this aloud, because the words would be impossible to articulate with her tongue glued to her cheek.) But, seriously …

Congratulations to all the winners. You are refreshing!


Elsa said...

I'm so flattered! Thanks, Joyce! :-)

Susannah said...

Hey, me too, thanks very much Joyce - you are a star! :-)

April said...

Wow! - how did I miss this? Thank you, Joyce! :)