Sunday, June 5, 2022

The Radical Virgo is Price-Less!

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Dear Radical Readers,

The world has rarely needed healing as much as it does now. Since my Astro-specialty has long been the healer-centaur planet Chiron, I'd like to do my part to make my books more accessible by offering them at a lower cost. This price reduction also commemorates my semi-retirement from astrology--at least for now because I never say never. My astrology books will hopefully help people heal with insights. My fiction book, The Crystal Ball, has astrological overtones and info, too. It may help heal with laughter as well as giving you some tips about longevity, healing and helping others. It is also seasoned with some more information about Chiron. My favorite among my Astro books is Keywords to Unlock Chiron, which delves deeply into Chiron's various symbolism in a way that will help you find your custom resonance to his teachings. (See sidebar for purchase information.)

Chiron: The Myth About Duality

As a dual being, Chiron is about self-integration. There were two types of centaurs, the wild ones who had no control over their beastly ways, and the wise teacher-mentor Chiron. Chiron's dual body represents heaven in his upper body closer to the stars, 

The Education of Achilles by Chiron

and earth in his lower, animal/horse nature. We incarnate in the image of All That Is. We bring the spark of heaven to earth. Chiron became more spark than horsing around in a no-kidding kind of way. (The wild centaurs raped, pillaged and destroyed everything in sight, presumably just for the fun of it.)

The difference between Chiron and his wild look-alikes was the way he grew from traumatic issues, such as dual parental abandonment and looking like a freak. Chiron developed his upper half (thinking, spiritual side) and used the best of his animal nature to work with what earth has to offer: herbs, medicine and "taming the wild beast" by teaching adolescents on Mt. Pelion to channel their masculine energy into life-affirming activities and to honor the environment. He balanced his light/dark, heaven/earth nature and evolved into the best composite of both.

Chiron: Sign of the Times

Today we see an awful lot of wild centaurs in the news creating mayhem from plain meanness to gun violence and senseless wars.  People spew us/them hatred like it might solve anything or make them happy. I can barely read the news as a sensitive empath. What we are witnessing today is the intensification of darkness before the light. It's like a boil. The healing can't happen until it pops and the infection oozes out. (Sorry for the eww metaphor for the weak of stomach. It just fits so well.) 

Unfortunately, we see the world through a limited window. Think of life as a parade passing by your home that you see through the glass in your living room. We only see the part of the parade that's passing by now, not all that came by before now or how it will march on and conclude after we are gone. 

We need integration on all levels to turn humanity into wise beings who thrive on the best of their dual nature. As with many things psychological, the light/dark or heaven/earth duality often gets played out by projection. The people, governments or things we hate are often a projection of our own darkness that we don't own.

The Prescription

In Chiron's story, he did the hard work of self-integration. When we are balanced within ourselves and love ourselves no matter what the world thinks of us, we become heroes. We give birth to one more lover and one less hater in the world. Chiron's school on Mt. Pelion was for the development of heroes as he mentored Jason, Hercules and many other mythological notables. Ask yourself often, "Why does this thing about ___ bother me so much?" Discover what inside of you that you may not be owning, may need to integrate, and do it with compassion for yourselves and others.

One of the most potent ways we we can heal our world is to start with what we actually have the power to change--ourselves. I hope my work in some small way helps feed the divine domino effect of a world with more Chirons and fewer half-horses gone mad. In no way am I downplaying the importance of getting involved in various practical and direct ways of making the world a better place. Everything you do adds to the momentum. Some people have a gift for making a difference in the community and world and the passion and energy to do it. Their love and enthusiasm is contagious.

How we evoke change most is by example. Chiron was above all a teacher. May you never stop knowing the hundreds of ways you help others just by being yourself.

Be at one--with yourself--to be at One with all.

Every blessing,

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