Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Saved by the Sun

A Summer Solstice Poem
Poem © 2020 by Joyce Mason

The original god
proves his power
to his worshippers.
Every summer he boils us in our own oils
add a little Coppertone.
At the Equinox he merges
with the Moon’s natural sign Cancer
at the light fest Summer Solstice.

This turning point:
A time for merging Light and Dark
within our split selves knowing
we just can’t live without each other.
We have to own it
stop throwing our shadows at others
like a Molotov Cocktail.
not even a refreshing drink
in this heat.

Hot Summer Sun:
A cosmic floodlight and spyglass
to all our secrets.
burns away all the things we hide
saves us from ourselves
with the strength of acceptance
and love of our Selves--
the best summer romance ever.


Photo Credit:  © Svetlana Orlova | Dreamstime.com


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