Sunday, December 15, 2019


A Winter Solstice Poem
© 2019 by Joyce Mason

I have felt you
Deep in the dark
Seeds gather energy in tiny spaces,

Incognito ‘til spring
The pressure intensifying bit by bit
Bursting like fireworks through soil
at the Vernal Equinox.
But you’d never know ‘til then.
The action is invisible above ground.

We are babes in the womb this time of year.
Our winter seeds are review and renewal,
Rest and letting go--
Quiet “just being.”

Seedlings are whole-y,
Inching their way in the dark
To completion.
We need full gestation at its own pace
To have all our fingers, toes and wits about us.
If we don’t incubate bread, it’s half-baked.
If we don’t incubate spiritual renewal
We are simply in the dark, parts of ourselves undeveloped,
Not prepared for the Natural New Year as Pisces turns Aries.

Hug the dark and wear winter like a warm coat.
Protect your growth
and your soul’s full flower.
You’re worth the wait.


Photo Credit: © VeronV |

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