Monday, October 23, 2017

Signs of Halloween: Quotes and Warnings Around the Zodiac

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Boo-ware of angry or cranky zodiacal creatures this Halloween season! They may be dressed as your husband, wife, lover, friend or children, but during this celebration of the dark side, be watchful of what goes bump in the night—or maybe in broad daylight!

ARIES: “I like sharp knives.” ~ Aries overheard

TAURUS: Beware of little old ladies with tea and sympathy—or an ex bearing chocolates.
~ Anonymous

GEMINI: The tongue is like a sharp knife. It kills without drawing blood. ~ Buddha

CANCER: You love me so much; you want to put me in your pocket. And I should die there smothered. ~ DH Lawrence

LEO: "Bow or die!" ~ Still ringing in the ears of Leo's ex-spouse

VIRGO: Remember Virgo’s shared fondness with Tony Soprano and “family” for using bleach. ~ The Radical Virgo

LIBRA:  Kills with kindness. ~ Folk phrase invented to describe angry Libra

SCORPIO: “Stinger?” ~ Seductive Scorp, offering cocktail

SAGITTARIUS: Beware of arrowing experiences. ~ Auntie Joyce

CAPRICORN: Don’t assume the handcuffs are for play. ~ Narrowly escaped former love interest

AQUARIUS:  I’m wired for shock. Are you?” ~ Water Bearer carrying two buckets

PISCES: Name your poison. ~ Common way to ask what kind of drink you want (hehehehehe)


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