Saturday, September 3, 2016

Last 3 Days! "The Crystal Ball" for a Buck

Astrologer is my past profession, sometimes my current one. 
Once an astrologer, always an astrologer like “once a Catholic.” I was both to the core, 
even when I practiced neither. -- Micki Michaels, The Crystal Ball

Dear Radical Readers, 

FINAL REMINDER! If you haven’t yet attended “The Crystal Ball,” admission for the Kindle version of my novel is only 99-cents through Labor Day. Then it reverts to the regular price of $2.99. Enjoy this page-turner, an Amazon 5-star mystery about an astrologer and her ex-FBI-agent beau, joining their odd couple forces to bust a crime in progress. The scene? An outrageous San Francisco costume ball. A great romp anytime—a laugh-filled finale to your summer reading season. Here's the Kindle link. And don't forget, you can download the Kindle app for free and read it on nearly any device. Have fun at the party! 

Love and laughter,

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