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Munchies for Astro-Thought: Jupiter Transits – How Does “Lady Luck” Work for You?

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Here’s a little background on the Munchie posts.

Most of us anticipate Jupiter transits with the excitement of a zealot. We envision a cosmic cornucopia, overflowing with goodies like winning the Lotto or finding our soulmate. If you’re a certain age, you may remember the old program, The Millionaire, where John Beresford Tipton, an eccentric rich benefactor, liked to drop a cool mill on people he selected while remaining completely anonymous. Afterwards, he’d track them to see how their lives changed because of their windfall. Often when I come home exhausted at the end of a day of aerobic errands, I’ll joke, “Did John Beresford Tipton drop off our check while I was gone?” (I have a strong natal Jupiter.)

Jupiter transits give us hope. They allow us to dream big with a smidge to a likely possibility that some of those blown-up dreams will come true. After all, this is Jupiter which inflates and super-sizes everything, including our fantasies.

But what about the reality? Wouldn’t it be fun to see how Jupiter has worked for you, personally, so far? Some people may prefer to stay in the dream. Being a Virgo, I like to give wild rein to my imagination, followed by reeling it in toward more practical expectations. Before my brain explodes for being so puffed up with luscious ideas.

Your mission for this munchie, if you choose to accept it, is to track your major transits of Jupiter for at least two cycles (24 years) and make notes about what happened. This will give you a snapshot of how Jupiter has worked for you, so far. What do you learn?

(If you’re younger than 25, track up to your current age. There’s no outer limit on how many cycles you track, if you’ve been on the planet for many decades. Do as many as you’ve got the time or inclination to do. You’ll get the pattern in 2-3 cycles.) Most astrological software programs give you a transit analysis option, so you can isolate your transits quickly and easily. Consider starting with your Jupiter Returns/conjunctions to itself at 12, 24, 36, etc. This will give you the skeletal structure of your Jupiter transit material. Next, I’d track the “friendly” aspects, as we’re mining for what good might come—conjunctions, trines and sextiles to other planets, especially the personals: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. With transiting Jupiter is currently in retrograde, it's the perfect time to reflect and reconsider how this planet plays out in your life.

What got me onto this idea was a recent windfall my husband received. He has Sun at 18 Virgo and Venus at 21 Virgo. When transiting Jupiter was exactly conjunct his Venus, he received an unexpected, additional disbursement from a class action law suit. What a pleasant surprise.

Bear in mind that your blessings and opportunities will be colored by the signature of your natal Jupiter configuration. Any transit of Jupiter will light up the network Jupiter is a part of in your chart, so it’s good to jot down these relationships first, before you embark on what happens when they’re activated by transit. (In Tim’s case, they are natal Jupiter square Moon, sextile Sun/Venus, opposite North Node, conjunct South Node and trine Mars.)

Personally, I plan to use my analysis of Lady Luck to help me anticipate my upcoming transit in September when Jupiter conjuncts my Sun, early in the month and Venus, a few weeks later.

If you munch with us, let us know what you find in the Comments. Have fun! After all, we’re talking Jupiter!


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