Thursday, October 8, 2015

Munchies for Astro-Thought: Chart Tinkering

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There used to be a cartoon feature in The Mountain Astrologer where a doctor performed surgery on charts to take out a temperamental Mars for a hothead or a mushy Ascendant for people who tended to get walked all over, as examples. Have you ever wished for a do-over on parts of your chart?

Today’s munchie invites you to create your dream chart. Draw a circle, divide it into 12 houses and get creative. Don’t worry about how well you draw glyphs or straight lines. Use equal houses to make it easy. Unless you like complexity; then do your thing!

It doesn’t matter if you draw a configuration that’s impossible in your lifetime, such as outer planets that won’t be in that position for another 200 years. As John Lennon sang, imagine. This exercise is purely to get you thinking about your astrological challenges and whether they’re worth wading through or tossing for a different set of ups-and-downs.

Once you’ve drawn this ideal chart, make some notes for your journal about why you want this particular line-up. After that, rethink it. Is it still better than what you’ve got?

This time, I can’t give you a personal example, because my answer to that last question is no. I actually went through a period of time where I did not want to be a Virgo, radical or otherwise. I thought I would have liked to move my chart up 7 hours to have Libra Sun. I even went so far as to calculate the chart for the Sun’s first moment in Libra after my birth. It left me shuddering as I saw a new set of headaches.

For me, I think it amounted to the old saying, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. I saw as many new problems as fixes. But who knows? You might feel otherwise.

And if it’s true that we get to be part of a committee process on The Other Side for determining our lessons and the precise moment of incarnation for working them out, you might be preparing in advance for your next lifetime. Better to do it now while the experience of being human is still alive and fresh! Just one caution: All trines and sextiles would actually make a dull life. To gain pearls of wisdom or to become one the sages that share them, it takes a little grit for polishing.

As always, I’d love to hear your experiences or reactions to this Munchie in the Comments.


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