Friday, July 31, 2015

Munchies for Astro-Thought: Heartstrings

We all know the expression, food for thought. This feature is more like a snack. It’s a prompt for thinking about some astrological idea and how it works for you. I’d love to have your feedback in the Comments!

Today’s Munchie assumes that you’re old enough to have had more than one deep love relationship in your life. (If not, use close friends and/or relatives for comparative purposes.) It's perfect for the current Venus Retrograde cycle (25-Jul to 6-Sep 2015 ). Relationship reviews are a positive use of Venus Rx. These looks back and often reveal life-long patterns and insights that fundamentally change how we see and relate to others.

Look at the charts of the major loves of your life. What do they have in common? No deep analysis needed. Just look at what jumps out at you.

Once you identify the “trend,” think about what it might mean related to you and your own chart.

Example: Of the five men I have loved over many decades, all but one had Fire a Moon, the majority in Leo. This also applies to my father and brother.

What It Might Mean: Fire is my weakest element. I may attract men who “fill in my missing fire.” The Fire I have is Saturn/Pluto in the 4th House. Could be that to feel at home with someone, I need their fire as my figurative hearth. Of course, with those two planets in the 4th, my relationships tend to be intense and the long-lasting, whether or not the relationship lasts in its original form. I never stop loving someone I have ever loved—only the form changes.

The Leo trend connects by sextile to my planets in Libra—Venus, Mercury and Neptune. Easy for me to love a Leo Moon.

Have fun with it!


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Sandra Mosley said...

Thank you for the exercise, Joyce. A nice reminder of all the things I love about my husband.

of 5, 3 had Virgo Suns with Moons in Capricorn conjunct my MC and opposite my natal Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer on the 4th house cusp.

of 5, 1 was a Cancer Sun with Moon in Aries square my natal Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer on the 4th house cusp and a Cancer.

of 5, 1 was a keeper. He has an Aquarius Sun with a Virgo Moon conjunct my Sun.

We're celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of August.

Joyce Mason said...

Happy Anniversary, Sandra! I love finding these patterns of attraction, as you obviously do, too. BTW, you were married on my double Leo Dad's birthday, as momentous a day for you as it is for me, I'm sure! Tim and I celebrate 17 on Aug. 30. Was Sun in the last degree of Leo or the 1st of Virgo the year you wed? I know an enormous number of happy and long-lived marriages of people who married that last week of August. Of course, I have a theory on that ...

Sandra Mosley said...

The Sun was in Virgo and the Moon was in Aquarius, echoing my Virgo Sun and his Aquarian Moon. Cap was on the AS and Venus was conjunct the wedding chart Descendent. The beauty of it all is that we didn't select the date astrologically. We didn't even begin our study of astrology for another 2 years.

Joyce Mason said...

I suspected Sun in Virgo, as the happy marriages in the last week of August all seem to have it. Don't you love the synchronicity of how the universe did the electional chart for you? So here's my theory. Marriage has everything to do with habits (Virgo ruled), and when habits are raised to their highest level of expression, they become rituals. I think a successful marriage has much to do with cultivating rituals and the higher side of habit because an ongoing relationship is very repetitious. We do the same things over and over, and if we don't imbue them with meaning, they become boring. That's why some people can be married 35 years in "holy deadlock" while others are still honeymooners. :) The latter have created ritual, and having some Cap or Saturn in the mix just adds.

The other Virgo thing that impresses me is its down-to-earthness. Marriage is nitty gritty, but it also involves a lot of communication. Virgo is a Mercury-ruled sign. These are some of the reasons that week seems to be the BINGO marriage time among so many people I know. I would not have thought it--more like some time in Libra.

Although there are days I consider it a bit of an overload, I really marvel at being a Virgo, married to a Virgo with a Virgo wedding chart. I'd love to hear from others who have Virgo in their marriage mix.

Sandra Mosley said...

Thanks for your take on it. Makes total sense to me, including the rituals.