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Radical Reposts: The Planets -- Uranus

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Have you ever asked people who speak astrology to guess the main features of your chart, just from observing you, before you tell them the facts? This can be very revealing! For example, people usually think I have an emphasis of planets in Aquarius and Sag. They say I’m fiery, when Fire is actually my weakest element. What they’re sensing is my Sun square to Uranus and my overemphasized Jupiter. (Being overemphasis itself, a strong Jupiter is always obvious.) My Astro-guessers are usually shocked to find out that I’m a Triple Earth. The sense of fire comes from those Uranian lightning bolts, not to mention a strong Pluto—which, after all, has a close relationship to the Hot Place.

As we delve deeper into the PUNCs (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron), you might experiment with this exercise. Ask don’t tell. See what your Astro-colleagues guess about your chart. It’ll tell you a lot about your planetary emphasis.

This illustration is meant to point out that the outer planets color our charts not a little but a lot. From my perspective with Pluto squaring ASC, Neptune squaring Moon and Uranus squaring Sun, I am channeling the outer planets in a grounded way through all that Earth. I always thank God/dess for it, because I would probably burn up without the substance of Virgo Sun, Cap Moon and Taurus Rising to hold me together.

If I had asked this question in my younger years when Plutonian high-drama and Neptunian illusions ruled my life—especially my love life—I have a hunch the guesses would have run more along the lines of Scorpio and Pisces. That’s another important point. No matter how PUNC we are, which planet is up to bat changes over time with the game of living.

Finally, I have to add that I think Uranus is a very pivotal planet because it’s really our connection to the cosmic. It’s what allows us to grok that we are part of the universe and the universe is part of us. When we understand our mission as Uranians, it’s easy to accept both the pluses and pain the other PUNCs sometimes carry with them. After all, we’re Ambassadors to Outer Space.

I hope these reposts help you carry on!

Explore and Navigate Your Uranus

Uranus is cosmic coffee—an awakener and jump-starter whose influence spans from the unexpected (and often unwelcome) to things we all crave like independence and freedom.

I chose the photo for this Uranus Thrival Kit because it reminds me of Michelangelo's painting in the Sistine Chapel, the Creation of Adam. The fresco illustrates the story in Genesis where God breathes life into the first man. [1].

The Pluto-Uranus Square

For the past three years, we have had the unique opportunity of experiencing two of the PUNCs in close relationship. In one of my articles, I joked that there are two ways of looking at U and P. They can spell UP or PU (it stinks).  One thing’s for sure, they herald shake-up on Planet Earth. The last time this pair tangoed was in the ‘60s, a conjunction in Virgo. This era was more than protest signs, flower children and mood rings. It changed the course of society forever as we questioned our previous assumptions and relationships to each other. There we began cleaning up and seeking a more holistic way of living on the planet. We might still be too close to the U-P Square to understand fully its greater meaning, but nearly everyone I know is going through transformation through unexpected upsets, like it or not. Rescrambling the pieces is a prerequisite to forming a new picture in the puzzle of living a fulfilled life.

One of my colleagues says her most important take-away from the last United Astrology Conference (UAC) was from a talk by Serbian astrologer Aleksandar Imsiragic. Aleks said that the seven exact hits of Uranus square Pluto, the first on June 24, correspond to realignment of our seven chakras. I deeply resonate to this idea, and it seems too important a concept not to share.

Update: Since writing this article in 2012, I took a workshop with Aleks and his wife Lea and learned that they do not associate the planets with the same chakras shown in the illustration of this article. They are very original thinkers, and their take on the chakras links in order is:

1.   Mars
2.   Venus
3.   Sun
4.   Moon
5.   Mercury
6.   Jupiter
7.   North Node/Saturn

Embrace Uranus-Pluto (25-Jun 25-12)
A poem for the times that starts:
Personal Power taut with Inspiration
Transforms every part of me the two touch …


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