Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interactive! Winter Astrology Reading 2013

Best Sellers on Chiron from The Radical Virgo Store.

During the hibernation months of winter, many people increase their reading, which pairs so well with relaxation. If you haven’t purchased Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer or some of the other books available in The Radical Virgo Store (or see sidebar), consider reading of these or other astrology books recommended by your peers during the next couple months … which brings me to my next idea. 

Post Your Faves! In past years, I’ve printed winter reading recommendations by other astrologers. This year, I’d like to switch that to consumer input. There’s no one whose opinion counts more than readers’, so if you have favorite astrology books to share with other astrology aficionados, please Comment with your suggestions. Give us a line or two, telling us what you like about them.

Astrology Book Clubs. My next book brainstorm is to organize an astrology book club. I plan to do this through my local astrology organization, NCGR-Sacramento Area. It also occurred to me: if there’s enough interest, we could do a virtual version. The book of the month would be published with a month to read it; then, we could meet on freeconferencecall.com or another conferencing service for a 1-2 hour discussion toward at the first of the following month.

Sample Book Club Schedule
Late April:Announce astrology book of the month.
May: Book club members read book and prepare for discussion.
Early June: Online book club meeting to discuss.

 A couple of books high on my list to read are At the Crossroads: An Astrologer Looks at These Turbulent Times by Jessica Murray (MotherSky Press) and Elements and Evolution: The Spiritual Landscape of Astrology by Eric Meyers (Astrology Sight Publishing).

One of my colleagues mentioned that participating in a book club might help her actually finish one of the many astrology books she has started. I admit to the same motivation and issues with completion. Astrology books are not like reading a novel where you can breeze through and consume the words like potato chips. They are often slower, more thoughtful reads, and it’s easy to get distracted from them because of the effort involved. Many of us respond better to deadlines. They are also the kinds of books that make me crave discussion, whereas I'm perfectly happy to have a solo experience with many other genres.

If you’re interested in a virtual astrology book club, please Comment and/or send me your e-mail address for future follow-up.

Enjoy your star tomes any time of year, and I hope we get some good suggestions to add to your reading lists.

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Joyce Mason said...

We've already got several people interested in an online astrology book club. See link to e-mail me in this post if you'd like to be on the list. Earliest start-up would be mid-to-late spring.