Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer for Winter Solstice 2012

Poem © 2012 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

 Winter asks a lot:
the most drastic changes
severe conditions
inner work

Winter asks a lot:
slow down
listen to yourself
hear the heartbeat
of the planet
everyone, everything
divine symphony

Winter asks a lot:
faith in the dark
trust that the long night
will be over
the Sun will be reborn
you with it.

Winter asks a lot
but it takes so little
to love it
dive into a snow bank
make snow angels
snow people
throw snowballs
retreat to a warm hearth
feeling the contrast
the rush.

Winter asks a lot
gives a lot
the season of the most
dramatic shifts
some winters more than others

Give winter what it wants.


Photo Credit: Snow on Red Winter Berries © Minerva Studio -

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