Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Poem: "I Thank My Lucky Stars"

© 2012 by Joyce Mason
  All Rights Reserved

A galaxy of gratitude
to every guiding light
that helps me navigate my life.

For the Sun that beams my essence
and warms my every exchange,
you color me with mythical history
archetypal mysteries
to discover, integrate and radiate
this life’s rendition of me.

 Dear Moon for every mood and cosmic hug,
thanks for being my barometer and beam
when things are right, wrong or in-between
for showing me the cycles of life
each day in the night sky.
For the gift of feelings and the longing for fulfillment,
for such quality of life, I look up to you, blessed.

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods,
for my voice to talk, hands to write
quickness of wit and multiple interests
in all life has to offer,
I know why quicksilver
is my favorite color.

Venus, who makes life on Earth worthwhile,
I cherish every opportunity to grow in spirit
you grant with each relationship, old and new.
You lavish me with beauty, quality of life,
and your constant pulse toward peace
and balance.

Mars, my inner action figure,
for all you do to give me the thrill of the ride,
for standing up for me when I am angry or violated
in ways from subtle to clear,
for being my yang when I’m too yin,
I bow to the athlete of my body
from the bottom of my soul.

Jupiter, for smiles, laughter
and the comic relief of exaggeration,
you are my saving grace
in life’s most trying moments
  my stand-up comic
whether I’m up or down.
Thanks for being BIG in my life,
my Evening at the Improv
day or night.

Saturn, for being the good father
who gives me roots for my wings
for grounding me and offering me
the best of tradition and the sacredness of ritual.
You are my rock and foundation,
my old oak, deeply rooted, who blesses me
with the sense of safety.

Chiron, teacher, healer, mentor, sage:
For showing me how to balance
the opposites within me
for the pains that urge me to seek healing
and wholeness,
for mediating the Old and New,
I bask in my good fortune
to be a student in your hero’s school.

Uranus, dazzling force of insight,
unique perceptions, and openness
to cosmic input,
no day is complete
without your electric appearance
your shocks to reality
and throttles of creativity.
You rock my world.

Neptune, misty lover of cosmic connection,
I can’t imagine a world without your soup
of universal love
the compassion you stir in me
and the song you bring to my heart
that overflows gratitude.

Pluto, for the dark night of the soul
and resurrection
I thank you for my depth
and desires that move me
to deeper explorations of my humanity.
No matter how difficult the letting go,
rebirth is the greatest gift of all.

To you and all the other stars,
I thank you for being candles
to wish on and the portrait of vastness
that puts my own petty concerns
into perspective.
The true Thanksgiving is every sunset
that turns to sunrise with absolute certainty:
another day of love.


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Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Joyce

thank you for this poetic evocation of the essential qualities of the archetypes we work with! I think it would be really good to give to beginning students who are trying to absorb the essential meanings of the planetary symbols since it captures them so well.

Anne x

Joyce Mason said...

Anne, thanks for the thumbs-up on my poem! I hadn't thought of it as a potential teaching tool, so many thanks for that suggestion.

Every blessing,