Monday, February 6, 2012

Be Mine! Win a Free Reading and Revisit Previous Valentine Features

Another February 14th is right around the corner, and with my Venus-ruled chart, I can’t resist sending you my version of a Valentine. At first, I wanted Auntie Joyce to tell all—her secret list of the best gifts she has given her love interests, who span every sign of the zodiac. (Auntie came of age during the sexual revolution and certainly has had her share of kiss, but she wasn’t quite ready to tell.) I think we’ll save that for next year. She needs time to work up her courage to reveal how she lured potential partners from Aries to Pisces with her astro-savvy presents. She also needs to quit hyperventilating, while she reminisces about her single life, when she was still seeking the perfect earth or water sign.

I decided a more practical idea, especially during Mars Retro, would be to re-do something that worked in the past, the Valentine’s comment contest we had in 2010. This one’s updated with a new spin.

From the time of this announcement and through the rest of February, anyone who makes a substantial comment on any post on the Radical Virgo—or makes the Valentine two-way by sharing what you appreciate about the Radical Virgo blog in a comment—will be entered into a drawing. The prize is a free e-mail mini-reading or $50 off a full-length reading with me.

More Than One Chance to Win!

Each time you make a substantial comment on The Radical Virgo with a specific response and reference to blog content (any post), your name goes into a hat for a drawing at the end of the month. (Generic comments like “nice blog” will not qualify.) Same goes for your “Valentine’s” about the blog. To better equalize the spirit of chance in the “game,” the maximum number of comments accepted for the contest will be three per person. You may make as many comments as you wish, but your name will be placed in the hat a maximum of three times. The contest ends at midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on February 29. The Radical Virgo reserves the right to determine if a comment meets the intent of the contest. The drawing will be made on March 1 and the winner announced no later than March 5.


If you win, you can choose either the mini-reading by e-mail or $50 off my normal $150 astrology reading by phone or in person, if you’re local to Sacramento, CA. I will ask you to focus on a single issue, if you choose the e-mail reading—up to three issues in a full, discounted reading. (This discount can also be applied to Astro-Tarot, my favorite reading that combines the best of both symbol systems. If you want a reading as soon as possible, please note it will be subject to the first vacancy in my schedule.

Why Readings--Now

It’s 2012, change is thick in the air, and the conversation in the sky is urging us to grow. I encourage you to get a professional opinion from me or another astrologer you trust, if you’re wondering how to navigate these interesting times. I have never enjoyed doing readings more than I have lately in this climate of fast evolution! If you want to know more about my readings, how I do them, and see some client feedback, see Personal Consultations on my website.

Quotes Worth a Déjà View

For a smile and a possible good line for your homemade Valentine, see 2010’s Valentine Quotes for the Signs. You might also enjoy another look last year’s, Love’s Many Aspects.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and a hearty year of joining our love and purpose to create the world we want to see. That’s what Neptune in Pisces offers us. “Sees” the moment!


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cjwright said...

What a nice thing to do for your readers, Joyce. You're right about now being such a good time to get a reading.

I won't push you to share your entire secret list of goodies, but maybe you could give us at least one?

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, CJ! Great to hear from you. I always like to mix it up get some fun going here. I've enjoyed our comment contests in the past on The Radical Virgo. Glad to make the prize something that so many people seem to need now!

So, Auntie Moon wants to know a little about the gifts Auntie Joyce gave her love interests in her single past? She only told me:

ARIES – Old-fashioned ice pack that sits on top of his hot head. Cooling his anger jets will help him put his Mars to better use later. He’ll probably need no encouragement, but part of the gift that's really for both of you: Buy yourself some suggestive underthings to keep his eager Mars headed in the right direction.

It's fun to have an alter-ego. Auntie Joyce is outrageous, and I swear; I channel her!

Thanks for being you!

cjwright said...

You certainly shared a good one, Joyce! You not only had me laughing, you got me to thinking about purchasing a new ice pack.

Keep channeling!

Joyce Mason said...

The Radical Virgo would never allow her alter ego to suggest a gift that wasn't practical, LOL! My husband thinks I could use one of those ice packs to cool my temper at times, too. (That's when my Aries Rising in the Vedic system must rear its hot head.)

Mads Elung-Jensen said...

There was a young man in Berlin
who said, that's a contest I'll win
my cute tenor voice
will make Auntie Joyce
select me for her Valentine!

Joyce Mason said...

Mads, adorable! If the contest was based on talent and cleverness, you would have already won. :) Your name's in the hat, and I usually have "Uncle Tim" pull the winning name to be extra neutral.

Thanks for being here so often with your playful spirit.