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It’s Here! The Radical Virgo Annotated Article Index (2009-11)

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." ~ Danny Kaye

The Radical Virgo Annotated Article Index

© 2011 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Dear Radical Readers,

As most of you know, I’m off this year throwing more paint on the canvas of my life, focusing on my work as a novelist. For nearly three years, I have blogged on a regular basis on The Radical Virgo and shared 185 posts, most of them full-length feature articles. Sharing this body of work has honed my skills as a writer and astrologer. It has taught me how to market my writing. What a labor of love and learning. Sharing astrological insights and related ideas about the mysteries of life has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Thank you! I hope this annotated article index will help you find material you haven’t read previously and allows you to access your favorites with ease.

While I may be focused elsewhere, I’m not gone! I’ll still share astrological insights via my Cardinal Quarterly e-news, on Facebook and Twitter. I may still do an occasional post, as time allows and the spirit moves. Readings? Yes!

Starry Stuff I’ll Still Be Doing

Novel writing works well in tandem with other work. It’s good to switch off! I’ll still be doing astrological readings and providing my usual Inner Growth Work services. (See sidebar.) I have plans for additional astrological publications and will continue to make available those I already sell in the sidebar. Although it will be an “as I can” project, I still plan to use the personal Chiron material many of you have generously provided. Time will tell whether my analysis of your Chiron experiences will be part of a full-length book in the future. At minimum, I want to report my findings in a research article or paper. I don’t anticipate this will be before 2013.

One project I’m contemplating with excitement is to expand the Chiron Keyword series into a book of similar entries that address every keyword for Chiron that I consider important. It will show the derivation of the word, whether it comes from myth, astrology, or other sources. I sense this will be a great tool to help each of you dig deeper into your Chiron—to overcome your stumbling blocks to wholeness. I see it as a tour book for your hero’s journey with each word a signpost and a concept with potential to illuminate Chiron’s personal meaning and your path.

How to Keep in Touch

The most important way, if you aren’t signed up already, is to join my newsletter list at the top of the sidebar. You can jump off any time your interests change with one-click unsubscribe.  I promise some Radical humor in each virtual gathering of “free Radicals.” (We’re the good kind.)

On both Facebook and Twitter, I’m @joycemason. And I always love reader e-mails: joyce [at]

Meanwhile, have an amazing 2012! If you’re going to the United Astrology Conference in New Orleans in May, please introduce yourself.

May your life be full of spilled paint and wonder,


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