Friday, December 17, 2010

A Prayer on Winter Solstice

Great Spirit,
You are glue that joins us all
the gravity that binds us,
holds us together
through light and dark— always.

Hold us in the holy darkness of introspection
where we discover you inside ourselves.

Comfort us as we wonder if the Sun will ever return.
Reassure us that with every dawn, a moment of resurrection,
the light is always there
Even when it is not visible.

Enter with us the tabernacle of the dark days
where we can behold the Light Within
and the true magnificence
of joining our love and power
and the word for it—peace.                   

Joyce Mason
© 2010


Marie said...

Lovely, I joint you in you prayer. <3

Susannah said...

Just popped in with some festive greetings!

Wishing you peace, love and much joy!

Susannah x

Joyce Mason said...

Marie, thank you! Prayers gain power in groups!

Susannah, always wonderful to hear from you. Happy Christmas and a beautiful 2011! Our season has been delightful. Peace, love and joy right back at you!