Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moonwalk: Scorpio

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Get naked under the New Moon! Even though the Moon in this photo is Full (New Moons are almost invisible and hard to capture), the idea’s the same. The Scorpio Moon is time for emotional and physical intimacy. To see yourself, warts and all. To become comfortable with your own vulnerability.

Scorpio Moon people are not usually open to exposure in public, even in the moonlight, unless they’ve got some other more exhibitionistic signs in their chart to support such abandon. (Hi, Leos!) The compulsion to be secretive, jealous, possessive, and keep intimacies between you and one other are more what Scorpio Moon craves. People tell me you know your own dark side and suspect others of having a shadow as big as yours. Our Scorpio Moon model is not looking at her own reflection in the water. It’s hard. She’s busy trying to hide her nakedness.

Yet under Scorpio Moon, self-reflection is called for. Have you been gloating on hurts? Fantasizing vengeance? Trust and openness are difficult for natal Scorpio Moons when their feelings are hurt so easily. Like all the water signs, Scorpio Moon lives by feelings and sensations. This New Moon, it’s time for all of us to go deep sea diving in our own psyches to see what’s down there. Be sure to bring plenty of air in your tank, the air element corresponding to your mind and ideas. Take your most objective and positive thinking so that you will be able to sustain a good analysis of what you find. Later under this Moon cycle, you can decide what to do about feelings that may need some work, release, or rehabilitation.

Moonlore: Touch a silver coin when you see the New Moon. It will bring you luck.
~ Moon Wisdom by Sally Morningstar

One of the most important things to embrace, if you have a Scorpio Moon natally or are just experiencing this Scorpio New Moon with the rest of us: This Moon sign is extremely intuitive, even psychic. Suppressing this tendency can cause all kinds of physical and emotional ailments. Learning to work with your sensitivities and finding the right mentors to help you harness them for good are vital. If you’re not a Scorpio Moon native, could be this New Moon lights up your chart in just the right way. You, too, may find yourself having unusual experiences. Don’t run. Don’t hide. Get yourself to someone who knows what it’s like, someone who uses their highly sensitive skills on a regular basis. Ask your trusted friends for a referral, and if it feels right, see an intuitive, a shaman, or a dream interpreter. Many useful visions come in our sleep. Before you go to bed, ask for guidance in your dreams to make the most out of this deep, watery and truth-telling Moon.

The Dance of Dark and Light

All this talk of dark and our own reflection helps us prepare for winter. Even though this New Moon comes in the middle of autumn, the Scorpio turf of darkness and examining your interior foreshadows winter. Now that we’re past Autumn Equinox, we are in the waning time of the year. Light decreases. Dark increases. If we are living in harmony with the earth and sky, our activity levels also need to come down a notch. We need to spend more time on introspection and less on “running around.” Take this patch before Thanksgiving to practice, because as soon as the biggest part of the holiday preparation and whirlwind is over, this inner place is where you want to return and spend important spiritual growth time during winter.

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This New Moon

First, I’ve decided to make our Moonwalk charts more universal and less geocentric to myself as author of these articles. Now we’ll be viewing the New Moon from a theoretical 0o Aries Rising, Equal House chart and from Greenwich, England—the central point from which we measure our worldwide time zones.

Second, while I cover the Sabian symbol in depth in the monthly Moongram to my e-mail list subscribers, it’s too important in the scheme of this New Moon not to mention it to everyone.

Scorpio 14:
Telephone linemen at work installing new connections.

This month’s Sabian speaks to receiving information and networking it. All the more reason for us to tune into our psyche and psychic messages—and to learn to live by them.

An aside and personal share: I have an over-emphasized Moon in my chart including a close sextile with Chiron in Scorpio. My first spiritual teacher, Betty Bethards, used to credit her Scorpio planets as the source of her psychic gifts. While it has taken many years to develop, I am finally learning to trust my lunar information—a cumulative “arrival.” Here’s the part I want to share as my testimonial. I cannot believe how much easier my life is and how much better it  works now that I listen to that inner voice with barely a second thought. It probably sounds corny and like a big metaphysical platitude, but I invite you to try it just for this Moon cycle. Tell us what happens in the Comments!

Back to the sky, you may notice that the Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio stands alone in a sense. The pair makes no major aspects to other planets in the chart. That fact gives this New Moon no “extra coloring” and emphasizes the direct Scorpio meanings mentioned above all the more. (If you want to add the asteroid Vesta, not shown but at 15 Scorpio, you can increase the feminine and intuitive influence. Are we having group visions yet?)

Other things in the chart are quite significant. Chiron and Neptune station and go direct within a day of the New Moon. Chiron and Neptune have been retrograde since spring, and they are also planets that symbolize the psychic and intuitive realms, as well as those of compassion and caring. Chiron’s mother, Philyra, was a sea nymph or Oceanid. The sea nymphs were very psychic, and this is Chiron’s maternal lineage. With his father as Chronos/Saturn, Chiron had the gift of bringing intuitive information down to earth for practical application—something we might all want to emulate. Mercury trine Chiron/Neptune in this chart is yet another symbol for trusting inner wisdom and our Higher Self when it taps into All That Is—easy under this Moon cycle.

As Chiron and Neptune move forward into Pisces, they will become additional symbols of the Oneness Consciousness predicted by the Mayans and others, the real way the world will end and start anew. Pluto conjunct the North Node in Capricorn in this chart continues to give us a heads-up that where we’re headed is a major tear-down and reconstruction of our institutions and the structures that no longer function well and keep us stuck.

This New Moon is no small potatoes. It invites us to align our sensory perception to the changes that are coming and to hone our inner rudder for a world where this kind of inner communication is the norm and our new way of life.


Photo Credit: Reflections in Water © René Valenta | Fantasy Art Visions

René Valenta was born in the Czech Republic and moved to the US when he was 19, not knowing he would stay here. Always fascinated by the inner human soul and motivations, René captures his observations in his art. He studies acupuncture to heal the human body, mind and soul. How to help people grow in a positive direction and bring healing to our world is what motivates him most. René is a devoted fan of The Radical Virgo and notes that with his “RV” initials, he’s obviously in the right place!

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Excellent analysis of the Scorpio Moon feeling. Although I don't actually have one, I do have Sun Scorpio and a very close Moon Pluto conjunction and can identify with the themes you suggest. Scorpio types are often mistrusted, but I think you're right that the heart of it is a fear of vulnerability.

Here the Moon is in the Via Combusta, which traditionalists suggest is a particularly difficult part of the zodiac for the Moon - it's not an easy placing, but there are often great riches hidden deep within the psyche if you're brave enough to go there.

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, LBD! Glad to know you resonated to the post. Good to hear you emphasize the positive in the midst of the challenging. I think Scorpio Moons are among the great sensitives who have a pulse on life. Learning to live with a feel-everything nature is both a "blessing and a curse" as my husband says of my own heightened sensitivities. It is so worth it to learn how, not just to the individual, but for everyone around him or her she helps, whether in some professional capacity or just by being him/herself.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I like your writing! I don't have a Scorpio moon, but I have the moon conj pluto, and a Scorpio Asc, and I was born under a new moon. I have this transiting new moon/sun conj right on natal Nept in the 12th, so perhaps I should get a crystal ball tomorrow. I sense it though, I'm jittery and very inspired at the same time. I'm very sensitive to other peoples feelings, and it has taken me years to realize the only feelings I am responsible for and can do something about are my own. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Interesting article... I was born under a new moon in scorpio with an exact conjunction with uranus, also conjunct 2 degrees merc and 5 degrees venus. All in the 8th house! Too much scorpio to know what to do with....

Joyce Mason said...

Wow, Anonymous--you qualify for the mega-Plutonian crown with all that Scorpio in the 8th! I'd rely on the Moon, Mercury, and Venus to lead the way and feel your way through that tide pool of Scorpio waters. Mercury can help you analyze the journey and relationships can reflect back to you the learning from your bundle of Scorpions. I'm sure it's overwhelming at times but what a signature for becoming a powerhouse person. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Anonymous said...

mega plutonian... mmm I can see that my sun is also wide (8degrees) conjunct pluto and mars sextile pluto. It is really an emotionally intense bundle because my mars in leo squares my little scorpions!
But i wanted to thank you for your article about chiron which is what originally lead me here. I was seraching for meaning because chiron lives in taurus in my second house opposing my scorpion 8th stellium and squares that stubborn leo mars in the 6th. I wasnt sure how chiron activates other planets and you article was very interesting. thanks again for including chiron!

Anonymous said...

... chiron is also trine a jupiter conjunct north node in virgo... (following jupiter, sag is on MC conjunct neptune and pisces is rising)
I scored 60 in the chiron test, my outta planets are outta control!
-bundle of scorpions

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, again, Bundle of Scorpions! I think you've found the key in Chiron for handling all that Plutonian and other outerplanetary energy. If you haven't already read the Outerplanetary (Extraordinary) People series, I recommend it. Also, with Chiron trine Jupiter, healing humor is "it" for you. Swami Beyondananda, now appearing in the sidebar of the Radical Virgo, has a Chiron/Jupiter aspect. I think you'll continue to find things here that will help with outerplanetary overwhelm! Glad to know you ...