Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Your Two Cents Worth! A Mercury Direct Comment Contest

Mercury has gone direct and the Sun is in Libra, the sign of relationship. What nice timing for friendly communications. To celebrate, I’m encouraging more talk amongst ourselves via Comments. I have met several great new friends who have commented on The Radical Virgo. It could happen to you, too!

Prizes! While friendship and shared ideas are the real prize—a nice combination of Venus and Mercury—let’s have some traditional prizes to sweeten the pot. Each person to comment over the next two weeks will be entered into a drawing to receive a free copy of my new e-book, Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer. There will be a drawing each week, so two free e-books will be given away worth $4.95 US each. Winners for the previous week will be announced at the bottom of the next two posts.

The comment contest applies to any post or article on The Radical Virgo. The only “rule” is that your comments be constructive and substantive—responses to the content of a post or sharing a related experience. More than, “Hi, nice post.” Good luck, and have fun!



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Mendo Coast Current said...

I don't know much about Chiron, but certainly wish to learn more, especially as it transits my natal 8th house, conjunct Venus (along with Jup & Neptune) in Aquarius. I suspect (and secretly hope) this is a time of magic, growth and healing of old wounds. I seem recall that the 8th house is other people's money, sex...yet, as indicated, I don't know much about Chiron. Thoughts?

Joyce Mason said...

MCC, yes to your intuition about magic, healing, and growth potential as Chiron transits the 8th. Besides sex and other people's money resources (inheritances, especially), other 8th house topics involve the birth/death and rebirth cycle. These can range from literal losses to figurative ones. The 8th house is often where power is reclaimed. Since Chiron is traveling with Jupiter and Neptune, how this alchemy manifests might involve a stroke of luck but it might also be a little foggy at first and not immediately obvious.

There are many more articles on Chiron on The Radical Virgo. Enjoy exploring them! This would a good time for depth, inner growth work. Any metaphysical gifts on your part would be enhanced now.

If you want a personal interpretation at any point, I'm available for chart readings.

Susannah said...

It is a great idea to encourage more talk amongst ourselves re the comments. I know as a blogger myself how appreciated comments are, it is great to know that your blog is being read but even more special when you can interact with those that read.

I know that in the past before I became a blogger, I was a 'silent reader' and it was only when I began blogging that I realised that the two way flow makes it more real, more rewarding, and that was when I started to leave comments when I visited a blog.

There are still times when I am a silent visitor to blogs but when I can, I like to leave a comment, to let people know that they are being read and enjoyed.

I also visit blogs where comments are not acknowledged and that too can feel a bit like shouting into the darkness and feels to me that perhaps comments are not that welcome and I must admit after a while I tend to not leave comments so often.

It is a strange beast the online world and the communication in it and in fact back in March I wroye about on my joy frequencies blog - (http://joyfrequencies.blogspot.com/2009/03/thoughts-on-virtual-communication.html) I am never sure how to leave a link that behaves like a link! so sorry if I got it wrong. :-)

Anyway, thanks for your ready responses to comments and your attempts to make cyber space a good place to communicate and relate with each other - here's to more if it!

Joyce Mason said...

Susannah, thanks so much for your personal support of blog comments. It's so important for a blogger to know how his or her information is being received ... and sometimes some truly great conversations get going where everyone learns more via comments. My comment contests are my way of positive reinforcement and reminder that the few minutes it takes to leave a response to a post truly completes the blog experience, which ideally is not one-way. Thanks for joining with me to encourage this practice and its high returns!

PS - I'll send you an e-mail soon to tell you how to make "live" links in Blogger comments. Someone had to show me, too.

Phoenix Wolf-Ray said...

Hi Joyce, I was thrilled to find your blog. I am also a Chiron-focused astrologer (of 20 plus years) who uses Chiron as ruler of Virgo. I know that you have backed off slightly on the 'rulership' aspect, but my take on rulerships is more associative than dominating.

Chiron is associated with Virgo, Gemini is also, but has a stronger association with Gemini. I enjoy reading what you say in the way you enjoy reading the ideas of somebody you already agree with. Much of what you have to say about Chiron / Virgo I have said in readings as well; we're clearly on the same Virgo track!

I have Virgo rising with Jupiter in Virgo in the 1st, also Chiron opposes my Moon, trines Mars, sextiles Sun, Venus and Saturn, forms a Grand Trine with Mars and Earth, and quincunxes my Ascendant, all from the 6th house cusp.

Phew! Your description of a radical virgo suits me to a T, also my partner who is a Pisces Sun / Virgo Moon, with North Node conjunct Earth in Virgo as well.

I also use the planet Earth as ruler of Taurus, thereby filling out the slate of twelve signs = twelve planets, which suits my virgo need for symmetry, efficiency and smooth functioning!

Thanks for writing and speaking the word, I love finding others who are in tune with the same frequencies I dance to.

Joyce Mason said...

Phoenix, thank you so much for introducing yourself! I checked out your blog and video, too. I see many associations with Chiron and Virgo. I find Chiron is so integrating in a chart. It explains so much. I love meeting other Radical Virgos, and I deeply resonate to the idea of Earth ruling Taurus. If you'd like to flesh that out into an article, I'd love to have you guest blog on that topic sometime. E-mail me if you want to discuss it further. Meanwhile, I hope you'll stay in touch ... and, of course, you are entered into this week's comment contest! Thanks for being here.