Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Quiz While-U-Wait for the Countdown

Only 4 more days till the Radical Virgo launch. Meanwhile, here’s a quiz to get your little gray cells going. Which of these characters is a Radical Virgo?

1. Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective
2. Mary Richards from the old Mary Tyler Moore Show
3. Lily Tomlin (“Laugh In” era) as Ernestine the telephone operator (snort snort)
4. Lily Tomlin as herself

Please Comment with your answer and why. Remember, to a Radical Virgo, there is no right answer—just your best answer.


Anonymous said...

Hercule Poirot - because he fastidiously puts all the pieces of the puzzle together!

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Marc! Always a joy to connect with you. I have to say, if there is such a thing as radically fastidious, Poirot would get my vote! His has a purpose, unlike Adrian Monk's picture straightening, for example. And if radical means "root," he sure knows how to get to the root of the mystery. Tim and I love that series so much, we've started renting it from start to finish. We've only seen a handful of episodes on public TV, and we can't get enough of him. Thanks for playing! :)

Phix said...

Hi Joyce, just dropping by to say hello and post my first comment. I hope everything is well with you. It looks like there has been a very great response to the Blog. I knew those Virgos were out there... I meet them all of the time. Now there is a place where I can tell them to go thanx to you. Keep up the great work! This sort of thing is so needed in the world.

Joyce Mason said...

As the person who catalyzed the creation of this blog, I owe it all to your inspiration to get in touch with me, Phix. It took a Radical Virgo to reignite this fire in me. When synchroncities abound, I know my life is working. You're one of my favorite syncs ever! :)