Sunday, May 27, 2012

United Astrology Conference: Vicarious UAC #2

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There's so much  more I want to share about UAC!  But I'm having a personal Mercury Retrograde to beat all. The internet connection at the hotel has rarely worked, and my laptop is on its last leg--to be replaced when I get home. (It's limping along like it has a prominent Chiron.) Wrote you a great second UAC post that got gobbled up in these glitches, all but the first paragraph.

In my new stress control plan, I have decided to let it go and write a few retrospective posts when I get back. That means I'll have more experiences, adding on the time I would have been blogging, and more excitement to share.

In summary, UAC is awesome! 

Still wish you were here ... 

Here are links to all the Vicarious UAC Posts, if you want to read the entire series:


Lana said...

Dear Joyce
As one who has never been to an Astrology Conference, nor to the beautiful fabled New Orleans, I am thankful for your reportage! I believe I am one of the audience this item of blogging is tailor-made for. I am one of those hanging on your every word and experience, and looking forward to your next utterances...

Joyce Mason said...

Lana, I can't wait to tell you more in the next post or two. Alas, I came down with a nasty case of flu the last day and am still limping along in my recovery. I have started the next installment, though, and with any luck, there will be more Vicarious UAC in the next few days.

Love and glad to share this with you,