Friday, January 30, 2015

How the World is Becoming More Virgo

© 2015 by Joyce Mason
“The Radical Virgo”

 was very annoyed on a recent trip to Safeway to find the cart handle and hand sanitizer empty—again! That’s when I got it. The world is becoming more Virgo, and complementary disinfectant at the door of most grocery stores is only one example. A few observations:

Virgo Signs of the Times

Hygiene. There was the day when Virgos were made fun of for being OCD. No one thinks hand washing is tantamount to obsessive compulsive disorder anymore. With the outbreak of so many dread diseases, Ebola being just one of them, the whole human race is becoming savvy to what Virgos have known all along. Hygiene counts!

Healthy, Natural Food. Healthy food choices are no longer the realm of veg heads and/or Virgos or people with too many planets in the sixth house. People want pure, unadulterated, non-GMO, non-bug-sprayed food. Suddenly, this desire has reached critical mass thanks to filmmakers like Richard Linklater (Fast Food Nation) and the divine domino effect of people who finally get that “you are what you eat.” Michael Moore’s film Sicko about our broken health care system in the USA is probably all the incentive anyone needs to practice prevention, starting with diet.

Non-Shrink Analysis. People with the V-sign in their charts like to analyze things. With the way modern communications and inventions have speeded up the pace of life, the results are a world of constant choices. Everyone needs this Virgoan skill, and I notice that modern humans are honing it more than ever. I mentioned this idea in The Radical Virgo Revisited. The need to sift, winnow and digest data grows exponentially with every new major social media site and gismo.

Facility with the Written Word. If you’re past your Chiron Return, did you ever think writing would be the major way people would use to communicate every day? Or typing for that matter? Virgos are the writers and secretaries of the zodiac, and now we are all writers and our own secretaries when it comes to our communications. Even CEOs and presidents do it. To look good “out there,” you’ve also got to brush up your grammar, spelling and general writing skills. How Virgo is that?

Small Pets. The most talked about topic on Facebook is cats! But don’t think Facebookers are leaving out their dogs, gerbils, ponies or pot-bellied piglets. They post their photos, discuss their health status (see above) and mourn with their virtual Facebook family when they lose their fur babies. They post pet jokes, pet tips—and pets even have their own social media sites. Now, I’m not saying love of pets is strictly the realm of the Virgo, but the obsession with small critters seems to be a growing trend that, in my mind, is part of the Virgo New World Order.

Why So Virgo Now?

I wondered: Why was I noticing a shift toward more Virgo-ish concerns nowadays? If a conjunction starts a cycle, we can look to the 1960s when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo to see what got started and what’s coming  in this pair's next “crisis of evolution,” represented the Pluto/Uranus square(s) of the past three years. I like the summary of events of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction that started it all, reported in this short piece on The Astrology Place website:

  • The contraceptive pill became available, a vehicle of feminine empowerment.

  • Concerns about sexually transmitted diseases accompanied the introduction of the pill, along with concerns about the relationship among body, mind, spirit--and the planet.

  • Attitudes began changing about health, habits and our past abuse of resources.

The Sixties reflected radical changes in thinking about daily living, and the initiating cycle of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, back then, was complemented by Chiron in Virgo’s other polarity, Pisces. Chiron was in Pisces then as it is now. I like to think the Sixties are coming of age these days, both for elevating some of these concerns and highlighting how much more work there is to do to achieve personal and planetary health and holism.

So wash your hands, eat your organic vegetables, and brush up your analytical, writing and organizing skills. Bring your pet along fur inspiration. To borrow a line from the Desiderata, no doubt the universe and the Radical Virgo vision are unfolding as they should.


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The Radical Virgo Vision

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This blog is a place where all signs--not just Virgos--learn how to express the best of their star map.

Better Selves = Better World

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Take This Day

A Poem for Mercury Retrograde

© 2015 by Joyce Mason

I take this day:
to rest, relax, review, research
to revive myself
for more active living.

I take this day:
to honor the god Hermes
who energizes
my quicksilver mind,
who wings my messages
across the world.

I take this day:
to let my biological hard drive crash
or at least idle;
to open myself up
to the gift of silence
and the gear “park.”

I take this day:
a day at a time
every Mercury Retrograde
till I can believe nature
and the cosmos in symphony
about the real rhythm of life.

I take this day:
and with each day I take,
I grow more tolerant
of days and weeks
of downtime,
till I put every day
of Mercury Retrograde
on my calendar
and plan ahead
for three-and-a-half weeks
of what the Divine
knows best:

Every creation needs days
of rest.


Photo Credit: © Rolffimages | - Hermes Photo

Coming in February!

A pause in the Radical Reposts to share three new articles on Chiron.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Radical Reposts: The Planets – Mercury

With Mercury now retrograde early in this year of reposts by topic, what follows offers plenty of humor and advice on how to make the best of this cycle we enjoy three times a year. “Enjoy” is part of my new program on manifestation. What you focus on increases, according to Oprah and Chopra (that’s Winfrey and Deepak) in their 21-day meditation series that’s giving magnetism to my Mercury and manifestations. I’d rather enjoy it than groan my way through, even if it’s tempting to give into chronic annoyance when the Trickster side of Mercury comes calling.

Since Mercury Retro concerns even your average Joe or Jane who knows little about astrology (it’s surprising how often I’ve heard it mentioned in TV programs), there are links to past articles within most of the articles on that topic. (Yes, you’re seeing double! Mercury rules the Gemini Twins, so no surprise. Can you see both twins, as well as the Mercury glyph, in the abstract artwork above?)

Of course, Mercury is direct most of the time. There are a couple of articles to help you explore your natal Mercury, too—one each by “playwork” and humor. (There’s another set of twins.)

Now for some recaps to think on and laugh with. 

Exploring Mercury

If you've missed the background on our MayPlanetary Fishing Trip, the details are in this link. Today we're onto Mercury, the planet of thinking, mental pursuits, short trips, commerce and communication.

Auntie Joyce thinks we could use the equivalent of a Pilates class to get our Mercs in better shape for this crazy cyber sprint we’re all signed up for, this marathon of Mercurial madness called the Virtual World. A humorous romp through Mercury by sign with social networking in mind.

2015 Retrograde Dates

Mercury will be retrograde in the Air signs this year:
January 21 – February 11 (17 – 01 Aquarius)
May 19 – June 11 (12 – 04 Gemini)
September 17 – October 9 (15 -01 Libra)

Mercury Retrograde

A prayer-poem to put our heads straight about the gifts in Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Recommended daily while the Quicksilver Planet is in reverse.

Mercury Retrograde can be such an ongoing thorn in the side of humanity, we treat it like a vampire who bites our neck and sucks out any semblance of order for three-and-a-half weeks, several times a year. It concerns us so much; The Mountain Astrologer dedicated an entire issue to it. Links to the articles below.

How to avoid Mercury Retro disasters by keeping your activities focused on what it’s good for—and by keeping your sense of humor. Personal cautionary tales from when I didn’t follow my own advice.

Here are some ideas about how to go with the flow and celebrate that every gear shift has Reverse for a reason. It’s true of your vehicle—your body—too.

What happens when the winter holiday season and Mercury Retrograde converge? Tips to make it a merry Mercury Retrograde.

Ten more ways to celebrate Mercury Retrograde. It almost always sneaks up on me, and I find it difficult to practice what I preach about setting aside time to reflect on the Mercurial issues in my life because I haven't  I haven’t planned for it. Here are some how-to planning tips.


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Radical Recommendation
Mercury Retro is great for “re” words, including recreation! If you haven’t already, consider taking a break with The Crystal Ball. It’s my mystery novel, a romp that happens at a longevity organization’s silver anniversary costume party. The theme is “come as you’ll be in the future.” You’ll see a lot of wild Mercury expressed, including some pretty crazy Geminis and Virgos. All 5-star reviews on Amazon as of this writing! Only $2.99 in Kindle and other eReader versions. See sidebar or click here for details.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Radical Reposts: The Planets – Moon

The next stop in our year of reposts by topic is the other Light, the silvery Moon.

In these opening paragraphs, I thought I’d share some facts and maxims I’ve heard about the Moon. Let me know if you agree or think they’re old wives’ tales:

  • Moon signs are a better indicator of how a couple will get along on a day-to-day basis, more so than Sun Sign compatibility.
  • As we age, women grow more into their Sun; men grow more into their Moon. In other words, women become more solar emphasized and develop their Sun characteristics more. The opposite is said to be true of men, generally speaking.
  • Vedic astrology emphasizes the Moon in the same way Western astrology, the kind we talk about on these pages, gives top billing to the Sun. You may have a different Moon sign in that system, too. (For instance, mine moves from Capricorn to Sagittarius.) It's fun to try on that flipped perspective to see how it feels.

Now for some recaps by moonlight.

Exploring the Moon and Its Cycles

In these guided exercises to explore the Moon in your chart, be sure to build in time for any emotions that come up. The Moon’s symbolism rules our lives from deep within and its associations with nurture, mother, feelings, intuition and women’s cycles make it a powerful magnet that hangs above us all our lives, just like a Full Moon itself.

A guest post by British astrologer Mandi Lockley. When we look at the night sky, the most beautiful and magical thing we see is surely our Moon. Night by night we follow its phases from dark and new to bright and full, then back again, as it revolves around our Earth.

Each month we have a Golden Opportunity to capture the energy and natural cycle of the Moon. Tapping into the lunar cycle is our vehicle to create what we want in our lives for the next 28 days.

A poem to invoke the power of the New Moon. Moon pregnant with new beginnings: Help me develop my embryonic seeds to their fullest potential. Infuse my month with creativity and the thrill of waxing my projects.

Apr 24, 2013
A poem to celebrate the peak of the Moon cycle. I think about what to name you, babies of the Moon Mother, offspring of my wild intuition.

Moon in Specific Signs

The Moonwalk Series

By looking at how the New Moon in a sign affects the coming month, we learn a lot about the Moon in that particular sign. While the transit information is not current, the exploration of the Moon signs is timeless.

Moonwalk: Cancer (7-Jul-10)
The first of a series of monthly New Moon posts that explore in depth each Moon sign and its transiting impact, starting with the Moon in its own sensitive sign of Cancer.

Moonwalk: Leo (4-Aug-10)
Leo Moon--and Leo Moons I have known and loved turn out to be all the most significant men in my life. Do you have a Moon sign magnet?

Moonwalk: Virgo (3-Sep-10)
Virgo Moon feels emotions and sensations acutely in his or her body. These individuals are clairkinetic; they pick up vibes with their fingers.

Moonwalk: Libra (4-Oct-10)
You might find it hard to believe that Venus rules this normally sweet Moon sign when its native is temporarily enraged, usually because of a perceived injustice.

Moonwalk: Scorpio (3-Nov-10)
The Scorpio Moon is time for emotional and physical intimacy. To see yourself, warts and all. To become comfortable with your own vulnerability.

There’s nothing like a Sag Moon for contemplating your personal beliefs and how you express them. It’s a great goal for this New Moon, regardless of your natal Moon sign.

Moonwalk: Capricorn (31-Dec-10)
“Can” those bad rumors about Goat as a difficult Moon sign. As the proud owner of a Capricorn Moon, I’ll introduce you to nuances of this Moon you rarely hear and some facts about goats that explain a lot, including this Moon sign’s excellent long-term relationship potential.

Moonwalk: Aquarius (29-Jan-11)
The image of a monolith, as in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, captures Aquarius Moon for me. Recognized by many critics as one of the greatest movies ever made, “2001” vibrates with Aquarian themes: human evolution, artificial intelligence, and technology.

Moonwalk: Pisces (1-Mar-11)
Navigating the watery medium of Pisces Moon. The mission of Pisces is to go to ecstatic states (Heaven) and bring the information and feelings encountered back to Earth.

Moonwalk: Aries (27-Mar-11)
For Aries, it’s not a Moonwalk; it’s a Moonsprint. Don’t miss the image of a modern-day Ram Goddess, pictured to be lingering in one of the few rare moments of quiet where Lunar Aries might actually pause and let her fiery nature simmer. She’s looking up at the Moon to contemplate her next new birth.

Moonwalk: Taurus (27-Apr-11)
Love. Beauty. Luxury. The Taurus Moon is a nice place to visit where comfort in the body feels fabulous. I’d even want to live there. Moon in Taurus feels like a spa day, and when it colors a month’s cycle, it’s easy to spin fantasies of lots of R&R and maybe even winning the Lotto.

Moonwalk: Gemini (30-May-11)
The facet of Gemini most people know, even if they barely know anything about astrology, is the Twins’ famous split personality. When viewing Gemini as a Moon sign, it’s good to start with symbolism on a feeling level. Why does there need to be two of you?


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